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S.H.I.E.L.D.’s public relations department decides to take nice photos of the Avengers so that they can send them to the media whenever the team goes public. They somehow manage to convince Thor to put on normal clothes and get through the photoshoots pretty quickly.

Except Tony wouldn’t stop preening and duck facing. They eventually gave up and used the “best” one. To this day, Tony still gets the stink eye from the head of PR.

I also accept this headcanon


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K so I honestly love this picture and it’s not just because I won first place legendary. So at this amusement park this was essentially like a video game and as me and a the group of my friends were going in a group of guys our age went in with us and were talking about how they were gunna beat all us “bitches” and how it looked like we’ve never played a video game before in our lives and how it would be soooo easy. Well guess what motherfuckers Ive played video games since I was little starting with duck hunt and I get fucking competitive. It just made me so happy to watch those guys rush out of there with their heads down because they were proven wrong and essentially whipped by me and my friends.

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